New Content...May be Inappropriate for Little Ears....(okay definitely)

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Hi everyone! I have been taking a bit of a rest from my computer lately (haven't been feeling too great b/c of *awful* TMJ headaches). I wanted to post a big thanks to Jill (scrap-pit) and Renee (scrap-o-holic) for leaving me this super sweet blog award, thanks ladies! so for my part, here are my (top) 5 addictions:
  • Trying to learn Photoshop (of course, hahaha!)
  • Candles
  • Sprite with tons of ice & a straw
  • Brownies, well actually anything chocolate...I gotta have it, everyday.
  • (and the newest) crocheting.
I know, pretty exciting stuff huh? I suddenly feel the need to go get something pierced or tatooed because I feel lame!


  1. `Well Done` on your Award Rachael...Yaah!!!I`m with ya on the choccie..the photoshop!!!and crocheting!!!!of which is quite fun actually....
    Hope your headaches ease up soon `sweetie`:)~X~

  2. This layout is so beautiful Rachel! I love it!! I'm going to have to check out those swirls from Kitty Designs - I just downloaded some other ones!